Tuesday, 25 July 2006

old man

Well, happy birthday to me; I hit 28 today. I stopped being excited about birthdays a while ago, and the last few I've started noticing little cues telling me I'm getting old. 2 years ago I lost the right to cheap rail fares in France, last year to cheap bus fares in Rennes, and this year I'm injured and can't run around. You know, like an old man.

Still, its been nice to get happy birthdays (and bonne anniversaires, and even a buon compleanno) from various people, even if they have been either at work, over the phone or by email/IM rather than at a party, barbecue, footy game or John Williams concert.

I should have cooked myself a cake, for any number of diverse reasons, but lack the art. Instead I was forced to buy croissants, pains au chocolat, and pains au raisin in order to satisfy the squawking masses at work.

Anyone wishing to consider this a flagrant and obvious attempt to seek attention may do so at their leisure, while keeping in mind that the blog as a whole serves little other purpose.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jim! I didn't care about my 28th/29th birthdays but really got into my 30th - and that was a great year all round.

I still haven't quite lost that feeling that I inherently deserve student/youth rates on public transport, though.

Anonymous said...

Never fear. Time rushes by more quickly as age advances and you will be entitled to a seniors discount in no time at all, and then your life will be almost over. Time to add a cake to your repertoire. Amom

Jim said...

I can see how spending more time baking will make me feel younger ;)

Afe said...

Happy birthday, bitch! May your hip replacement surgery bring you unending joy.

Anonymous said...

BON ANNIVERSAIRE JIM ! Vive la France, vive l'Australie et vive les echnages culturels entre les peuples. Je suis ravie de te connaitre et de t'avoir comme ami. 28 ans c'est rien, l'important c'est l'age qu'on a dans la tete et je crois que tu es et as su rester jeune. 28 Big Kisses

Anonymous said...

gratz ;-)

(aww somebody had to say it)