Tuesday, 29 January 2008

return to poly-sport

In my previous life in Brisbane, I was a sporting scattershot. I played regular tennis, and at various times also got into almost-weekly pickup basketball, regular golf, lunchtime indoor soccer, and anything else that was going. This disappeared in France, with only a brief period of basketball training, and another of sporadic tennis, to accompany my regular cycling.

My return to Australia, too, has thus far been light on sport. I've had a few games of tennis with Matt, and a few games of golf with Dad, but nothing to build a base of fitness or noticable acquisition or development of skills. This was accompanied, surely not coincidentally, by a realisation that my days of never worrying about my weight or physique, may be over. When I weighed myself over Christmas, I was 5kg heavier than the previous measure (which was admittedly a long time ago), and had the beginnings of a belly.

One of my main new year's resolutions, then, was to rediscover my previous sporting habits. I resolved to make sure I got 12 games of tennis, 12 games of golf, and 1000km of cycling done over the year. The tennis is going OK, with 2 outings (although I'm only counting it as 1 game, since the first outing was cut short by lights failure). I've had 1 game of golf (albeit only 9 holes), and my bike counter is reading 70km (of which 20km is probably from the end of last year).

Also, this weekend was positive for diversity. On Saturday, a bunch of us wandered along to Moorooka Bowls Club for barefoot bowls. There was barefoot dancing on the next green, but we basically bowled for a few hours, in various configurations of players and seriousness. On Monday, after a barbeque at Neil & Sandy's place for Australia day [sic], Andy and I filled in for their beach volleyball team, which was lots of fun, although a little less technical than the volleyball I'd played in the past. In the midst of that, I also got an invitation from Dave to play indoor soccer on Thursday nights, for which, with my new resolution in mind, I expressed my enthusiasm. Once I add tennis fixtures to the mix, I should be back into a the rhythm I once enjoyed.

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Emily said...

The force was with you in Melbourne. Nice SMART goals too, and now by publishing them you've got extra motivation to see it through- I'll be counting up the kms on your blog regularly.

I rowed for 1000m this morning, and got nowhere, but it was better than being outside where I'd have been blown over in a boat.