Monday, 8 March 2004

At our French class on Thursday, Joanna passed around a flyer for a concert by a Romanian choir at the place where she works, of particular interest to Luminiţa (turns out its pretty difficult to get a 't' with a comma underneath it, even with the US international keyboard), who is Romanian. A whole bunch of ended up going along: Joanna, Luminiţa, Muslum, Klara and myself, and it was a good night. There was a local community choir up first, who were OK, and then the Romanians came on, all men, and all unison, singing traditional songs. It was pretty good, and Luminiţa was very excited through it all. Afterwards a bunch of us went into town for a drink, bouncing from one bar to the next as they closed at 1am and 2:30am, before wandering home around 3. I enjoyed the company of this crowd more than the Thursday night group.

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