Tuesday, 30 March 2004

It seems I am ridiculously behind schedule again, so here comes a quick potted summary of the past couple of weeks. Sandy hit town two weeks ago yesterday, for a 5-day sojourne in France. More precisely, she hit St Malo, where I met her on the Tuesday afternoon. We walked around for a while, then caught the train back to Rennes for a traditional Bretagne meal of gallettes, cidre and crepes, albeit prepared by an Australian distinctly lacking in the requisite culinary skills. Sandy wandered around Rennes for a couple of days on Wednesday and Thursday while I saw to some work stuff, and she also managed to peruse the St Therese markets, something I have yet to experience.

On Friday we headed to Paris around lunchtime and, after some troubles with the French rail system, walked around amongs the various monuments, palaces, and towers of Paris. It was fantastic, despite some less-than-perfect weather. On Friday, and again on Saturday morning, we managed to walk past, around or through a whole list of places: Jardin des Tuileries, L'Arc De Triomphe, Le Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame Cathedral and its nearby archaeological dig, Le Palais Du Louvre, the Opera, La Musée d'Armée, various other palaces, and also an obelisk that Napoleon stole from Egypt some time a couple of centuries ago.

After that, I saw Sandy to her train at Gare Du Nord and caught mine back to Rennes from Montparnasse.

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