Tuesday, 30 March 2004

A fortnight ago I noticed that Kill Bill Volume 1 was coming back for a short season at the TNB, and in version originale to boot, so I immediately decided to go and check it out again. Its the third time I've seen at the cinema now, and it just still rocks. The story remains simple and utilitarian, the dialogue less than what it might be, but the imagery remains completely compelling, the music still rocks, and Sonny Chiba is still classic, and the action remains comic-book, both when it actually is, and when its live-action. In addition, every time I see the scene with O-Ren and the Bride in the snow at the end, with the water feature clicking, and the funky trumpet playing, I get chills and wonder if it might be one of the great scenes in cinema. Nothing is happening, nothing at all, but its just beautiful to watch, and time just freezes a little as Tarantino declares to the audience, "This is what I call cool", and we nod and say, "Yep, it sure is".

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