Tuesday, 30 March 2004

On the weekend I went with Franck and Damien to shop for furniture again. I'm not sure if I already blogged it or not, but it turned out a couple of weeks ago that it cost about a quarter as much or less to make a table from a surface and prefabbed legs than to buy a new one, so I did, with the help of Franck and his tools. Anyway, chairs proved a deal harder to make, so we found ourselves at the Route Des Meubles (Street of Furniture), a sort of satellite-suburb of Rennes dominated by furniture shops everywhere. I wound up buying a couple of chairs and a set of shelves for my kitchen, probably at an overinflated price, but it means that I can return Franck's chairs, and don't have to keep bending over in my kitchen to pick things up from their designated storage spot on the floor. I also managed to find a shower rail, which should greatly enhance the lifetime of my previously amphibious bathmat, and a few other odds and ends.

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