Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Hewitt watch, you know?

Update on, you know, Lleyton Hewitt. He's playing, you know, pretty well, you know, beating Ivanisevic and then, you know, Carlos Moya to set up a, you know, huge quarter-final match against, you know, world number 1 Roger Federer. More importantly, his interviews, you know, are going really well.

After the Ivanisevic match, you know, he managed 38 "you know"s from 15 questions. His form was a little down from his second-round interview.

However, he outdid himself after the Moya match. His 57 "you know"s from 21 questions was down from the 2nd round interview, but it included this marvelous second question. Count them.

Q. Someone mentioned to me earlier that you look as if you've got your freshness back. Did it go anywhere in that period of time?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Well, it's hard to say. I guess, you know, I had two years there where I, you know, played so many matches, I guess. When you throw Davis Cup into that equation, as well, you know, I had the chickenpox straight after I got No. 1 in The Masters Cup in Sydney, you know, played a Davis Cup final. You know, I guess, you know, maybe that wore me out a little bit at the time.

You know, it was extremely important, I think, you know, to win that Davis Cup final against Spain at the end of last year that I took those two months off. Not a lot of people questioned whether I'd be able to come out and, you know, beat those guys who were top five in the world, you know, fresh out.

You know, I believed in my ability. I think that held me in good stead as well for this whole year, as well. You know, just staying at home, you know, training extremely hard, but then again, you know, getting a break from, you know, the grind week in and week out.

My hat's off to you, mate. Really drawn a line in the sand there. If we didn't know before, we definitely know now. Thanks to the Wimbledon web site for the transcript.

(Footnote: For completeness' sake, I checked his first-round interview, and it was a bit of a warm up, just 18 over the 10 questions)

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