Monday, 20 September 2004


OK, backdate. After that dispiriting shot of Canterbury, I grabbed a train back to London with Antontio from Malaga. Leaving him at Victoria, I wandered up past Buckingham palace, and the waste-of-time Australian war memorial at Nelson's arch, and spent an hour or so in Hyde Park reading until Sandy finished up work.

We grabbed dinner at a Thai place near her house, which was a relief. I hadn't had Thai since at least January, and I'd forgotten how much I like the cuisine until I saw the menu and liked the look of everything there. In fact, this was just one instalment in a veritable culinary world tour over the course of the week. In the 6 nights split between Canterbury and London, I managed to cover Mexican (average), Indian (not bad), Spanish/Moroccan (not bad), Thai (very good), Italian (not bad), and Thai again (pretty good).

On Friday, I covered a large part of the Science Museum and a small part of the Natural History Museum on Friday before heading out to Sandy's boyfriend's place at Teddington. Then, on Saturday, I headed back into town and spent the day with Ted and Meg at the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre, each interesting in their own way, the former more than the latter probably.

My writing is deteriorating. I just know it is.

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