Tuesday, 21 September 2004


So, these are the candidates for my federal parliamentary seat of Ryan in the upcoming election:
I can reduce it to four very quickly. The first is from the religious right. The fourth is from the protectionists, a group I thought had gone quietly into the night in the first half of this century. I can abide neither.

Normally, I'd probably vote Democrat, Green, Labor, Liberal, in that order. However, the Green candidate is, well, very green. In fact, he's still an undergraduate student. Its probably not fair to discriminate on the basis of age, but I can't convince myself that this person could adequately represent the electorate. Doubly vexing, the Democrat candidate is not much older, leaving similar doubts. The labor candidate doesn't fill me with confidence either, but at least she seems to have run some things and been involved in politics a bit. I cannot vote liberal, regardless of the candidate, because of what the current government has done to my country, and because its leader fails in any way to represent what I consider Australian.

Actually, this post is at least partly for my own reference, to consult when I get my postal vote form.


Tony said...

I dunno Jim, I think it's nice to see Michael Johnson moving on from his athletics career into something different. First he runs the 400m, now he runs for parliament, it's great! If only there were a candidate for the More Beer! Party, the decision would be easier for everyone...

Tony said...

Oh, and I know this has nothing to do with anything in your post, but are you gonna go see that Hitler film that I keep hearing so much about? You're closer to where it's screening than I am...;-)

Um, and my Star Wars DVDs turned up in the mail today - SCORE! 8)

Jim said...

Hey, Tone, good to hear from you. Which Hitler film do you mean? I think I read a mention of a documentary called "The Downfall" from either Berardinelli or Ebert, but I haven't seen any mention of it yet in France. Its tricky, because they have a tendency to totally change the titles here. "Touching The Void" was "Death Suspended".

Oh, and another thing. Stop reading my blog and do some more cartoons. Its been 3 months now.

Tony said...

Yeah, The Downfall is the one I'm talking about:

There's more comics coming, but at the moment the other guys are still on holidays. Another two weeks and we'll all be back again, so we can get cracking on the new season of strips. 8)