Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Post flood

After at least a week off, beware post inundation. Brain dump follows.

I saw Fahrenheit 911 just before I went to the UK last week. I really enjoyed Bowling for Columbine because I thought it asked a hard question and avoided the obvious and oversimplified answers. I think for this new film, though, Moore started with an obvious and oversimplified answer and tried to find a question. There are large chunks of the film that are really, really good, and it certainly pushes a lot of my buttons, but it is, to use one of my favourite movie phrases, nonetheless a deeply-flawed film.

In other news, when I came to France I set myself to avoid accumulating material possessions, partly to avoid a removals nightmare when (it remains "when") I move back to Australia, and also to taste a different type of life. My will is fading, and a bulk Amazon UK order is imminent to redress comedy (Black Books, Shaun of the Dead) and other (Six Feet Under, etc) DVD-related withdrawal symptoms. The staff club here has a lot of films, but not much new stuff, and very little "cult" stuff.

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