Saturday, 25 September 2004

the big one

The Grand final starts in a few hours, and I'm in Rennes. The game is televised into 90 countries, but not France. Even if it was, I have no television, and don't know of any venue that would screen it. I've read pretty much every Lions article there is to read on RealFooty, and have been talking about footy (to heathens) all day. One colleague here knows the team song now.

Please, don't email me or text me scores or any other news until Tuesday. I just don't want to know. It'll be obvious on this blog when I've watched the game, either by vitriol or joy.

Just between you and me, the odds ($1.50 for Brisbane) are mad. This is game is a 50/50 proposition as far as I'm concerned. The Lions are beat-up, aging and finished second, and its only their finals experience that makes them a real go. Of course, I could never bet against Brisbane, nor for Port, so the point is kind of moot.

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