Tuesday, 5 April 2005


Having stressed last week over my paper, it all kind of petered out. I only had an hour or so of work left go last night, and that only for repagination etc, when they sent through a deadline extension, of 2 days. The timing was impeccable. I was just in the process of bailing when Liz called, and heading out to a wine bar for a few glasses of Cote du Rhone and some ducks' guts on toast was just what was needed.

My busy period probably has another couple of weeks to run, though. Final editing this afternoon, team retreat tomorrow and Thursday, possible concert on Thursday night, off to Athens Saturday for the OMG meeting.


Afe said...

Um... duck's guts? I think I feel sick. You probably think it's the duck's nuts though - right Jimbo?

Jim said...

There are so many types of ducks' guts over here. In this case it was rillettes, but I also have pots of paté and terrine sitting on my shelf.

M/Mir/Ran said...

Hey! Are you talking about Foie Gras? I don't know what rillettes is. Just found your blog after Afy sent me a link to his.

I'm in the UK at the moment (have been for the past 2 months). Just was in Paris last weekend. I leave in at the end of this month and will be in Paris for a couple of days beginning of May before i head back home to Brisbane.

It would seem improbable to meet up but would have liked to have done so.

Good luck with your deadlines and hope all goes well with your PHD.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Athens, be careful to avoid motorbikes and Greek sprinters.