Saturday, 2 April 2005

medical check

I got my medical check appointment yesterday in the mail. Radiologist (lung scan for TB and stuff, I think) on Tuesday, doctor on Thursday. Only problem is that we have the team retreat next week to the abbey at St-Jacut-De-La-Mer, something I don't really want to miss, for both technical and tourism reasons. Anyway, I called them up (OK, Franck called them up for me), said that it really didn't suit, and they said OK, we'll send you another one. No check, when might it be OK, nothing like that. We'll send you another one. Roll the dice again and maybe it'll come up better. That's messed up, but nothing in French bureaucracy surprises me anymore.

London to a brick the next appointment is while I'm in Athens.

In other news, my paper is coming along. In my view, it lacks meat, but I guess that's probably normal; it's really a discussion paper and not a presentation of a concrete technique or experimental results, so its to be expected. Anyway, its mostly done bar the conclusion and some fleshing out in the middle. Probably wind up about 13 pages.

Watching others here write, and most of all reading their drafts, really makes me appreciate my ability to just sit down and write something coherent without labouring over it. Of course, its probably also the thing that makes me sit here dwelling on my lack of productivity the rest of the time, but what are you gonna do?

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