Tuesday, 19 April 2005


I still hate this blog template, and one day when I'm feeling energetic and procastinatory, I'll get around to having a hack at the CSS (the standard templates do little to excite me). For the moment, I've settled for reducing the book and movie lists to those of the current year (showing me how few of each I am consuming).

I've also added a little stream of my most recent uploads to flickr, which I'm now using to show my photos online. This is partly because Mick (a much better photographer than me) kicked a pro account my way, but mostly because the system they've got going there really impresses me, with the whole contacts thing (which is becoming more and more common), and the RSS feeds, and the noting system, and other stuff. A bunch of people like to call this stuff (these "hot" sites like del.icio.us, audioscrobbler, flickr, technorati, and to a lesser extent these days, blogger) the semantic web. For me though, the central idea is not so much semantics, but more sophisticated structures. Still, tomato, tomato, potato, potato.

Anyway, in summary, my photos will thusforth appear here.

Update: The only thing cooler than all this stuff is being able to visualize it with touchgraph. Oh, sweet autorearranging glory!

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