Monday, 18 April 2005

Music meme

Via Anna:
  1. Total volume of music files on my computer?
    About 13Gb on my iBook, about 4 on my home PC
  2. The last CD I bought was...
    Travelling Without Moving by Jamiroquai, and Abbey Road by the The Beatles (bought at the same time).
  3. (a) The last song I listened to before writing this was...
    Earth's Flight by Marco Passarani. Actually, it comes from the Radio National Sound Quality show, which Keith recommended to me.
    (b) Song playing right now:
    The Lighthouse by Amon Tobin. Also from Sound Quality.
  4. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me.
    • As It Is, by The Pat Metheny Group. Speaking of Now is no longer my favourite album, but this song just builds so wonderfully, and it amps me up.
    • Crash, by The Dave Matthews Band. Its corny pop, but it tingles my spine. I dunno.
    • The Golden Age of Aviation, by The Lucksmiths. Actually, no more this one than other lucksmiths tracks, but I had to choose one.
    • The Koln Concert, by Keith Jarrett. Tracks have no meaning on this album, to which I often listen while working.
    • Follow Me, by Pat Metheny Group. Minimalist, nice.
  5. Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?
    • Afe - because he had interesting taste in music years ago.
    • Keith - because his recommendation answered one of the questions above
    • Chris - Because, er, he owns an album with naked women on the cover, and there must be other interesting stuff in there...
    • John - Er, maybe he will have indonesian or singaporean music in his list? A long bow to draw, perhaps...
    • Bec - Oddly enough, I have no idea what music Bec listens to, even though its more than 9 years now since we met.


Anonymous said...

1) about 20Mb, plus about another 1.2Gb on CDs somewhere. Old fashioned CDs... 100 or so?
2) Planetpunk (die aerzte) and Die Reklamation (wir sind helden).
3a) Nazareth, planetpunk
b) Meine ex(plodierte) freundin
4) Meine ex(plodierte) freundin, Die Aerzte. "yesterday night my girlfriend exploded, I was not expecting it, so I was smeared with blood, I'm felling quite irritated etc" Classic.
*Et C'est Parti, Nadiya. Pop, crap, but its fun.
*The whole best of Crowded House CD. Can't pick even a bad song on it.
*Best of Cat Stevens, ... hard. At the moment probably "I love my dog"...
*Zehn Kleine Jagermeister, Die Toten Hosen. For Jim, 'cause its from the CD with the naked women on it...
5)Hmmmm. If it has to be blogging people then Jim has it covered!

Afe said...

Ah Jimbo-san I have completed said task. Please review the results at your leisure by visiting here

Rebecca said...

Ah Jimbo - firstly - oh my god 9 years?????

secondly - I haven't worked out how to get the mp3s I want without having to fork out moula...(so answer is none on my computer).

CDs - good question - maybe a hundred or so - but only brought a selected dozen or so here to Switzerland. Tastes are ecletic at best. Anything from classical through to dance (with notable exceptions of anything related to neil diamond, country and rap)

Am thus left listening to:
Jamiroqui (don't know which one it is - it was the double cd one)
Absolute (double cd - one is perfect for raves, the other is a little slower paced)
Buddabar (I think it was 2 or 3)??
A robbie williams (buggered if I know the title- its the jazzy one)
A couple of 'best ofs' - Crowded House, U2 (or is it Joshua Tree), Elton John, and I think we have a Queen in there somewhere
A couple of soundtracks (thomas crown affair, moulin rouge, the 'panel', bridget jones diary(1))

and specifically to annoy the neighbours (this being switzerland and all) - a spot of Kylie, played really really loudly...Oh and the all time best we used to play this to great merriment, and sing along to it in the car (and the looks we got from all the other people stuck in the traffic on Punt Road was priceless).
Wait for it - the best of...Burt Baccarat. Sadly, it was a burnt CD that didn't cope so well with the overuse...

oh, and Jenny recently sent Bruce a CD for his birthday (John Johnson or something like that. A bit acoustic guitars kind of thing). A little slow for me, but nice for a sedate dinner party or a wind down...(memories of Cromwell 'recoveries' here...)

actually, any idea where I could find the following mp3s...
sway - mucho mumbo
groove coverage - runaway
angel city feat - do you know
heavenly - didier sinclair
matterhorn project - matterhorn project
Bush - letting the cables sleep