Wednesday, 10 May 2006

My favourite song

Right now, and for the last month or so now, my favourite song has been 'Fiction', by the Luckies, off Warmer Corners. One might say its too good to be true.

Written down here, gentle reader,
It seems too good to be true,
But there's a girl in kansas city
With my favourite tattoo.

Oh why would I lie to you?

This was in another century
Somewhere near the summer's end.
The fahrenheit was frightening;
I was awake the whole weekend.
Invited to a barbeque,
I found refuge in the kitchen
Discussing post-war U.S. literature
With a girl whose upper arm read "fiction",

Like it might have been typewritten.

When I asked her its significance,
She said she sometimes took reminding
What she wanted to be doing,
Whether reading it or writing.
I admitted admiration
For both typeface and intent,
And said, more softly, sotto voce,
I knew too well what she meant.

She just smiled and, in a while, she went.

For a time I forgot this ever took place.
She left her bottle on the bookcase.

So though I leave you little option
But to take me at my word,
I assure you, dearest listener,
That it happened as you've heard.
A beer left on a bookshelf
At a byegone barbeque,
By a girl from kansas city
With my favourite tattoo.

Oh why would i lie to you?
Oh why would i lie to you?
Oh why would i lie?

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24601 said...

I think it would sound better if I heard the real song, and didn't have to sing it to myself.