Monday, 15 May 2006

weekend going forwards

Quiet weekend.

Played a bunch of WoW, up to lvl29 now, and starting to feel valuable in the parties I join. My profession skills are getting to the point where the economic game is going to start coming into play, too, and I'm going to have to start buying & selling to earn money for a mount at lvl40.

I booked a train to Basel for Ascension weekend. Looking forward to getting away, to hanging out with Chris, Anjum and presumably some of the other Swisslies. To be honest, I'm also looking forward to getting some reading done on the trains - its 8-9 hours of trains each way, which should let me finish off one of the many novels I have underway at the moment.

Today is basketball day. Probably at lunch with the IRISA folk, and certainly this evening with what I'm lead to believe has become a swelling mob of ESC kiddies. Rumour has it that Sandy has been drafted in by Liz as assistant coach.

It's a busy month in some ways. Away last week for the seminaire, this weekend down to the south coast, then to Basel, and I think there's the basketball tourny at Chanteloup the week after that. And yet, the in-betweens are pretty quiet. There's no hanging out at cafés or friends' houses, no group sessions watching whacked-out manga, robot chicken or bad hollywood films, no big breakfasts at café E. I got a call Saturday night to hang out at a bar and watch the last round of the soccer season, but buses and indifference got the better of me before I got there. The solution, my conscience is screaming, is to knuckle down, finish off my SoSyM revisions, get my coding finished and write up my thesis. It all just seems a bit hard, though.

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