Wednesday, 3 May 2006

the weeks roll by

Great finish to the basketball game Saturday night. Avenir played pretty poorly through the 4th quarter, and were down by 9 with just under 2 minutes to play, but lifted to break almost even. With 5.6 seconds left, Chartres led by 1 and had the ball under the basket in attack, but they turned it over, and Avenir ran it up the other end and scored as time expired for the 1-point win. Very exciting, and a bit of an escape in their last home game. Few drinks after the game, met Liz's mum & aunt who were over for a week. Home about 3:30.

Went and saw the 2s on Sunday, too. They had a win on the back of Sandy hitting 3s through the 4th quarter. Weird vibe with J in the crowd - things have changed there recently, hardly surprising.

Other than that, plenty of WoW over the weekend, including a run through deadmines with Paul, Julz & Mick on Monday. Good craic, and will be even better once we start to get closer to Paul's level. Called Mum & Dad Sunday for a chat.

Played basketball yesterday, pretty crappy time of it. Pretty crappy day all around, in fact. I was grouchy and the world around me seemingly had no problem feeding me crap. Probably need more sleep.

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