Friday, 13 February 2004

Hmm, that could have gone better. The impedance mismatch between my research inertia and research inertia at the lab is difficult to get around. I still haven't got it clear in my mind what the question is that we are answering with the piece of work I have been asked to look at. I keep asking, but perhaps the combination of the language barrier and the fact that everyone else has been working at it for so long, have combined to leave me still wondering. I really think that a clear identification of the question will shape a far better answer, and add more to the work.

At some point I might have to accept the mismatch, and pursue my own ideas, although its not as good a situation. He sees farthest who stands on the shoulders of others (with apologies to Newton), and if the others are nearby it's considerably easier on the hamstrings.

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