Sunday, 29 February 2004

You know you're bored when: you spend 10 minutes watching the little bits of crap on the surface of your eyes float across your field of vision. That was my story this morning. It was so bad that I came into work to check email and grab some music I borrowed from Erwan, and trawl the web for some points of interest. I got mail from Clio, to go with the mail from Estelle a few weeks ago, both saying to give them a call and catch up, something I really should do. They were the two French girls who were staying with Ian last year during a six month stay in Australia. Philippe also called, and I was about to go around and pick up a key to (his/the/my) apartment, but just as I was leaving it started snowing, heavily enough to make walking through it unappealing.

Last night I went with a bunch of folks (specifically, Franck, Damien, Benoit, Clémentine, and Marc) from work to a pizza place for dinner. 4 of us managed to get through the whole of our pizza and thus earn the reward of a free Carambar. It was very exciting. The others talked very rapidly, and I could tell that they were talking about film, but I couldn't join in, which was incredibly frustrating.

The snow has stopped...

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