Friday, 6 February 2004

Since its been two days since my last entry, I suppose I should really contribute something, although I'm not sure that there's anything worth mentioning. We had a talk yesterday from a Microsoft guy about .NET, which was not uninteresting, although I always rile a little bit about technical evangelism from MS. Actually, the guy is an Australian, though he's not based there any more, and we had a chat before the talk about some people we both knew.

Other than that, my French lessons are going well - I seem to have caught up on the imparfait and passé composé stuff that others had learnt last week or something. My vocabulary still needs work though. I may try to spend some time at my desk learning this weekend. I also need to make more an effort to speak French with people, since most of my conversations at work (and hence most of my conversations) are in English. There's a bit of a balance between my wanting to practice my French and everyone else wanting to practice their English.

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