Wednesday, 18 February 2004

I have two quotes of the day, but the first was found yesterday, so it can count for yesterday's quote of the day. This one, from the recently-resurrected filthy critic, in describing the performance of an actress:

She's got the range of a leafblower, either pumping out hot air or sucking.

The second comes, reportedly, from Andrew Hume, by way of Jon Udell and Tom Christiansen, and has more in common with one that I used to like from Terrence "Antlr" Parr (4 links in the one sentence - a new personal best)

Programs that write programs are the happiest programs in the world.

There probably needs to be an addition, that programs that don't need to because they have reflection are just altogether too wrapped up in themselves. Hmm, there's a more succinct expression for that pun somewhere, and I shall dedicate some hours of the next 24 to try to find it...

I note in hindsight that this blog is getting more "bloggy" every day, with an increasing of quotes, references and cross-postings.

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