Wednesday, 28 April 2004

I need to cleanse myself of religious posts. I went to a bouquinerie today and bought The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. I wanted to buy something more "serious" but couldn't find anything. There was a bunch of Trollope and DH Lawrence and a couple of Brontés, but I was quite looking for something that serious. I wussed out on buying something French. Perhaps I'll try to borrow something.

I think my French lessons have finished. Its possible that by going to see the lady at IRISA who handles that stuff, I could arrange for another 30hrs, but today reminded me that, in between learning new tenses, its really, really slow, and there are too many days when I only learn a couple of new words. Its probably not worth 3 hours (including travel time) out of my research to learn that strawberries are sold in a barquette. I just hope that I am disciplined enough to continue learning the hard stuff on my own.

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