Tuesday, 20 April 2004

Interestingly, Ken Park is coming to a local art-house cinema in a week or so. This is the film that was banned from a festival screening in Australia, in the most recent chapter (unless there's been one since I left) in Australia's censorship debate. I'm tempted to go and see it to see what they objected about, even though the IMDB reviews are only lukewarm, and even though I was burnt by a similar reaction to the previous chapter of the censorship debate, Baise Moi. The latter was an awful film, not so much in its violence or explicitness, both of which were considerable, but awful in terms of its handling of narrative, cinematography, and the elements on which all films should be assessed. It shouldn't have been screened because of being crap, and having no commercial, artistic, or other merits. Anyway, I suspect Ken Park would be better in that regard, but time will tell if I get off my lazy, book-reading arse and see it.

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