Wednesday, 14 April 2004

It was supposed to be a long weekend, but I wound up spending most of Saturday and Sunday at Franck's place working on our paper, which is due next week. It has crossed the magical 12-page barrier to 14, which means we now have an editing process to look forward to. Still, its coming along nicely.

This left Monday to do weekend stuff - reading. I finished off yet another book, bringing to 7 the number I've read in the just-under-12 weeks I've spent in France. Its fallen away considerably since I started with 4 in the first month, but its still a pretty healthy average, and likely to remain so if yesterday is any guage. I was 21 pages into Snow Crash before getting up yesterday, and finished off its 470-page length just after dinner last night. I managed to squeeze in lunch, but didn't go outside all day, which is probably not overly cool as a general strategy for cultural absorption.

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