Monday, 26 April 2004

It was another fairly predictable weekend, really. I woke up late on Saturday and, after doing some domestic stuff, went shopping for, well, stuff. Franck and I made some sandwiches and went to the Thabor (for Chris, its like the Marzili and, at 20-25 degrees yesterday, you would have hated it). It was quite spectacular. All of the spring flowers are out, including the biggest tulips I've ever seen, and the colours are just awesome. I took a couple of photos, but I don't think they'll do it justice. After sandwiches, I headed over to see Avenir de Rennes play again - everyone (well, 4 of us, plus our teacher and her family) came along, to surprise Liz. Once again, they won easily, by 30 points or so, and there was some good basketball in there. The others cheer mainly for Liz, but I also enjoy the basketball. The 4 for Avenir put a drop-step on a much bigger opponent for an easy bucket that was just beautiful to watch.

On Sunday I again woke up late, then made myself some sandwiches and headed to the Thabor again. It was another spectacular day, and I spent all afternoon sitting or lying on various park benches finishing off my book. On the way home about 6pm, I noticed that Frida was showing at TNB, so I popped in and watched that. When I got out I was a bit shocked that it was still light, even though its been that way for a few weeks now.

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