Tuesday, 20 April 2004

This weekend, I ha' been mostly reading, Shogun. I would like that I stayed home and read through all of Saturday and most of Sunday "despite best intentions", but that would be a lie. I had no better intentions, and was pretty happy to couch-potato away. I woke up late on Saturday, read for a while, then thought about going out for a walk or a run, read some more, went out and bought some gallettes, wine and bread, ate, then read some more. Sunday, I woke up late, read a bit, went and did my washing, wandered around to a nearby park I'd been meaning to check out then, after collecting my washing, read some more, ate, and then read some more. I missed lunch both days, but I didn't really care since I'd had breakfast at about midday anyway, and had big dinners. On Sunday I cooked up a chicken cacciatore and had it with a salad, half a baguette, and a couple of glasses of bordeaux, all followed up by some camembert and a coffee. Very european, and pretty typical of how I've been eating lately.

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