Tuesday, 15 June 2004

All my online christmases seem to have come at once :)

First, via Stefan Tilkov, iTunes Music Store has finally been launched in Europe (in fact, in the UK, France and Germany), so I can buy Überjam for €10 instead of for €20, just as soon as I can convince myself that its worth it. (Cheapness is a legacy of my upbringing, that I expect to dodge later this afternoon).

Second, in what must be a response to gmail, yahoo mail has increased its quota to 100Mb (from 6Mb). I had been flirting with the limit for about 3 months, despite having cleared out my account in January. When I moved to France, I made the switch of keeping the bulk of my personal mail online, but it had been increasingly difficult with such a small quota. Anyway, problem solved.

The number of posts today probably tells you how much work I'm getting done...

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