Friday, 4 June 2004

I read a couple of reviews for Touching The Void earlier in the year, so I was keen to see it. When my parents arrived, I realised that they had read the Joe Simpson books, so we went along to the last screening here. (Its french title was La Mort Suspendue or something unintuitive like that). Good flick, kind of half-documentary, half re-enactment, and pretty well-made. The likeness between the actors and the real people was just sufficient, and its a pretty dramatic incident. Afterwards, however, I found myself wondering if we really should be seeing this sort of activity as heroic. There was a passing mention of the craziness of it all in the film, but its really a very important point. They went out into the wilderness of Peru, to climb a mountain that no-one ever had, for no reason other than just to be the first, all abandoning any common sense. Its a pretty stupid thing to do, really - perhaps the film should be about this sort of climbing as another form of "call for help" suicide.

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