Friday, 25 June 2004

Lleyton, you know, Hewitt

Let me get this out there right now. I flat-out love Lleyton Hewitt. I don't care what the Americans were whining about back when he won the US open, or any of the other crap that circulates - he's hard at the ball like no-one else, and I love it. He's looked good (by the numbers, anyway - I won't be seeing any TV coverage unless he or Scud reaches the final, I suspect) in the first couple of matches, and plays Goran today, and here's hoping he extracts a little bit of vengeance for Pat.

Still, you have to wonder about an interview like this one. He answered 21 questions, a bunch of them with one-line responses, and managed to say "you know" 66 times. Do you think Lleyton has spent a bit of time watching footy players provide formulaic, cliché-ridden answers in interviews? Yeah, Lleyton, we know.

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Anonymous said...

You know what, Jim, you can play cricket not 50 kms from Rennes. We have a club at the Domaine des Ormes, which is a Golf/Camping/er, cricket complex between Dol de Bretagne and Combourg. There are still a couple of games left this season, plus the club annual dinner. If you're interested, look for me (another Jim!) at O'Connell's pub on the Place du Parlement in Rennes. Just ask at the bar, I'm depressingly regular there. Also, I shall be watching the ICC Champions Trophy on Sky, and your lot didn't look that convincing against Pakistan on Saturday...!

Can't help you with Aussie rules or Aussie jargon, but there's plenty of opportunity to gang up with the Irish/Scots/Welsh/French and anyone else against us Poms...

Maybe see you for a pint,

Jim Clennell