Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on perspective) I've run out of books. This, in theory, gives me more time for other, more productive things (although the practice has suggested otherwise), and it also allows me to catch on the little reviews I write.

When Sandy was visiting, she was reading a book called French Revolutions, the account of an English guy who cycled the Tour de France route a few years ago. Anyway, once she finished it (well, I hope she finished it), she sent it over to me. It was good timing, because I had just run out of books, and launched almost straight into it. I haven't read anything by Bill Bryson, but I imagine it might be comparable to this book; it's fairly light, rambles a fair bit, but is generally pretty readable. Reading about the parts of France, both geographically and culturally, that I've seen since arriving, was nice, and generally pretty familiar, although there were some parts where I felt the author's English-ness showed a bit.

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