Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Return of the Unreliable forehand

I played tennis on Friday with the 2 Francks (F & C) and Tewfik - I hadn't played since leaving Oz, and Franck F hadn't played for 7 years, but it was fun anyway. Tewfik is just learning, but you can see the improvement even over the course of a single session. Franck C hits a decent ball, although its hard to judge standard when you're not playing a match. Also, the balls we were using were pretty ordinary, in particular the ones I brought, which were either crap when I packed them, or suffered during their recent flight from Australia. As for me, I could hardly hit a forehand to save myself (pretty much par for the course), but volleyed pretty well. The two-hour session told a little on Sunday, in the form of sore, er, leg muscles.

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