Monday, 13 February 2006

another weekend of basketball...

Another weekend where too much basketball was barely enough. I think I wound up watching 4 games in all - two live and two NBA game telecasts.

Avenir beat Ouistreham Saturday night, and the party afterwards was pretty good - got home about 4:30. It was a bit of a surprise knees-up for Sandy, and she seemed appreciative.

(Aside: how much of a surprise is it that there's a party after an Avenir game, given that it only happens, like, every game).

On Sunday Vezin hosted the Avenir B team, and a bunch of us (Jeremie, Nono, P'tit jou & others) went along to support with face paint, drums, and a helium canister. (Which of these things is not like the others?) Avenir played poorly, and Vezin played really well,including Caro & Soso, who revelled appropriately after they won).

Sunday night I made myself a tartiflette, which I had with some lettuce to soothe my cholesterol-soaked conscience.

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