Friday, 3 February 2006


Lee just totally rocked my world, at a distance of 16,000km. She sent me one of these bad boys, along with a bunch of curry pastes, whose values increase ten times by their mere presence in this curry-forsaken country, and I had the fortune to receive them all a little bit tippled (with Liz and Soso: credit where credit is due), and two days after something for which I actually feel justified being rewarded. To make it even better, the wonders of modern technology and a rare alignment of almost diametrically opposed time zones meant that I was able to call her straight away and gush thanks through the blower. I might just keel over and sleep, I'm that happy.

People will look at me funny, but tomorrow at work I'll be a Brisbane Lion, come hell or high water. If they say anything untoward I'll shirtfront them.

1 comment:

Lee said...

They'd recognise the tune of course, but I wonder what they would think if you belted out the club song ...