Tuesday, 7 February 2006


It was a pretty quiet weekend. I did some shopping, cooked a little, watched a bit of sport, some films, had a really good chat with Em about life in general. I even got myself out on Sunday afternoon for a walk, although the weather was a bit marginal.

Basketball training last night was pretty physical. Like the previous weeks, the numbers were a bit thin, so we started with 1-on-1, at which I pretty much sucked, largely due to an inability to score. Another guy turned up later, so we played 3-on-3, which was more enjoyable. I made some nice cuts spinning out of the post, and I was playing with a couple of good passers, so it worked fairly well. I also had a few good blocks, and a couple of nice drives, although I still need to work on my footwork around the basket. I caught a hard elbow from Franck in the cheek, which is showing up just a little today. I also caught a good one to the lip and got knocked down once or twice on drives, which is fine by me. I was very proudly wearing my Lions jersey, so I was asking for physical contact, I guess.

At work, I haven't been making much progress on my talk for Thursday, which will have to change, since I only have a day or so left now to get it done. Still don't have a time scheduled, and I'm pretty sure the room that they've booked will be far too small. To boot, I probably won't know which language I'll be speaking until I get to the talk. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

Long time no see/talk. Hope that wearing the jersey to work made it all the more worthwhile - did you get the ball out in the office as well and do a few passes and kicks between the desks?