Tuesday, 21 February 2006

the weekend of the underdeveloped military base

Fairly crappy weekend.

I called a few people, and that was good. Mum & Dad on Saturday on their new speakerphone. Paul, recently relieved of a few teeth, in a conversation which morphed into a skype call while we both played games. Lee on Sunday while we both ate: her dinner and my breakfast.

In the interim and surrounding periods, I basically played Civ. Civ, unfortunately for my weekend, is somewhat of an occupying experience for me, during which I, for example, glance twice consecutively at a clock and see that 6 hours have passed and that I've forgotten to eat. To further examine this phenomenon, I plan to try a network game with Jesse next weekend.

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Afe said...

Civ is the most addictive thing I have ever encountered in my entire life. Gambling, cigarettes, drugs and sex all pale in comparison. I've been civ-free for about one year now.