Monday, 27 February 2006

a little balance

This weekend was a little more balanced. I still had some gaming, this time on the network with Jesse, which was nice, but his hours saw that wrap up in the early afternoon. Saturday evening I cooked - a big lasagne that should feed me for a week or so, and another batch of ANZACs, the latter motivated by the previous lot having been simultaneously a little flat for my visual tastes and very well received by those who wound up eating them. I'd left them at Nono's party Wednesday night, then got a text Friday that they were being consumed by Liz's basketball cadre, which was fine by me.

On Sunday morning I watched a little football - real football! - from one of the preseason games, being played of all places in Darwin, in February. Madness. In the afternoon, I wandered down to Avenir to hang out with Liz, Erwan & others, watching a cadettes game. We went for a couple of drinks at the Webb afterwards, which was a nice way to round out the afternoon. To boot, after that I went home and made a lamb korma, tasty indeed.

It occurs to me, off the top of my head, that a lot of what I write on this site, particularly concerning weekends, is pretty mundane. Robert Pirsig, who wrote a lot of crap in his books, particularly in Lila, did say one thing (among others, to be fair) that has stuck with me:

"What's new?" is an interesting and broadening eternal question, but one which, if pursued exclusively, results only in an endless parade of trivia and fashion, the silt of tomorrow.

There's something to that. The most boring conversations one can have are about "what's new". Now Pirsig goes on to raise the alternative question "what's best?", but that I prefer "what's true?". By not eliminating subjectively inferior topics, we keep the conversational base wide and, as a bonus, it rhymes! Who's superficial, now?!

Anyway, I'll see if I can devote at least one post per week to "what's true" rather than "what's new".

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